Vol 4, Issue 6

The effects of irrigation timing on growth, yield, and physiological traits of hydroponic lettuce

Md. Jahedur Rahman1*, Md. Quamruzzaman2, Md. Mokshead Ali3, Sujat Ahmed2, Md. Rafique Ahasan Chawdhery4, Md. Dulal Sarkar1

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Quality parameters of Carrot as affected by varieties and nutrient sources

Ashmita Pandey*1, Moha Dutta Sharma1, Shree Chandra Shah1

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Less adaption of newly approved variety Basmati 515 among aromatic basmati rice varieties in Kallar Tract of Punjab, Pakistan

Muhammad Tahir Latif1*, Falak Sher1, Muhammad Asghar1, Muzzammil Hussain1, Naeem Faisal1

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Production, Problems and Decision Making Aspects of Maize Seed Producers in Banke District, Nepal

*Anish Shrestha1 and Jiban Shrestha2

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