Vol 4, Issue 3

Trend variations of water balance components affected by climate changes (Case study: Atrak river basin, Iran)

Mojtaba Mohammadi1, Zahra Abdollahi2*, Masoomeh Forozanfard1, Seyed Ehsan Jamali3, Yan-Fang Sang4

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Allelopathic effects of leaf extracts of three agroforestry trees on germination and early seedling growth of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Abdul Majeed1*, Zahir Muhammad2, Habib Ahmad3

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Evaluation of the effectiveness of different herbicides against a new weed Japanese brome (Bromus japonicus Houtt.) in wheat crop

Muhammad Asghar*1, Sana Ullah Chauhdary1, Muhammad Afzal2, Mirza Muhammad Qadeer Baig1, Masood Qadir Waqar3, Abdul Gafoor3, Syed Zafaryab Haider4

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Socioeconomic analysis and problems of maize seed production in mid hill area of Nepal 

Mahesh Sapkota*

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Effect of different sulfur levels plus Thiobacillus on yield and yield components of Canola (Brassica Napus L.) cultivars in Gorgan, Iran

Anousheh Tabasi, Mohamad Reza Dadashi*, Abolfazl Faraji

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