In review papers

Evaluation of the effectiveness of different herbicides against a new weed Salai Sitti (bromus japonicus  houtt.) in wheat crop

Muhammad Asghar*, Sana Ullah Chauhdary, Muhammad Afzal, Mirza Muhammad Qadeer Baig, Masood Qadir Waqar, Syed Zafaryab Haider

Influence of seed priming and fertilizers on some morpho-physiological traits of black mustard (brassica nigra)

Hajar valipour*and Yaeghoob Raei

Allelopathic effects of leaf extracts of three agroforestry trees on germination and early seedling growth of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Abdul Majeed*, Zahir Muhammad, Habib Ahmad

Socioeconomic analysis and problems of maize seed production in mid hill area of Nepal 

Mahesh Sapkota

Trend variations of water balance components in arid and semi-arid climate of Khorasan province, Iran

Mojtaba Mohammadi1, Zahra Abdollahi*, Masoomeh Forozanfard , Seyed Ehsan Jamali,Yan-Fang Sang

On farm agricultural biodiversity and its contribution to food security of Tharu communities in Chitwan, Nepal

Madhavi Parajuli*1, Krishna Kumar Pant2 and Rabindra Adhikari3

Effect of different levels of sulfur along with Thiobacillus on yield and yield components of Canola (Brassica napus L.) Varieties in Gorgan

Anousheh Tabasi1, Mohamad Reza Dadashi*2, Abolfazl Faraji3

Characterization of single spore isolates of Agaricus bisporus (lange)

 Farzad Rasouli*, Gholamreza Gohari

The effect of using of tannic acid on performance and nutrient digestibility on Holstein dairy calves

Sayeed Nouraldin Tabatabaei* and Mohammad Khalil Esmaeili

Investigating In vitro micro propagation of (Saponaria officiale L) by nodal culture with sucrose supplement

Mahsa Saboohi and Forough Mortazaeinezhad *

The impact of biological and chemical phosphorus fertilizer on some morphological traits and green cover percentage of Moldavian balm

Mehrdad Yarnia and Zahra Sabzi-mehrabad*

Assessing Allelopathic Indexes for Estimating Allelopathic potential in Plant Extracts 

Mostafa Hojatian Far*, Ali Bagherzadeh 

Assessment of Soil Fertility for Sugar Beet Production Using Fuzzy-AHP Approach and GIS in a Semi-Arid Region, Northeast of Iran

Ali Bagherzadeh*, Amin Gholizadeh

Using GIS and satellite data to estimate Potential of Evapotranspiration By Priestly-Taylor method (Case study: Nazloo Chay Basin)

Ebrahim Shahbazi Raz * Hoseyn Rezaie, Behzad Hesari