In review papers

Using Nonlinear Modeling to Predict Peak Discharge and Average Breach Width from a Breached Embankment

R. Azimi , Ali R. Vatankhah and S. Kouchakzadeh

Heat stress remediation of rice (Oryza sativa L.) growth and development, and nutrients uptake through fertilizers management in tropics

Mohammad Taghi Karbalaei Aghamolki, Mohd Khanif Yusop, Shahram Mahoud Soltani*, Hawa Zee Jaafar, Jalal Karbalaei Aghamolki, Mohamed Hanafi Musa

Morphological and phylogenetic analyses of Uromyces Gagea on Gajea lutea in Iran

Vahid Roumi

Fuel wood utilization Impacts on Forest Resources of Gechi District, South Western Ethiopia

Berhanu Niguse Feyisa, Debela Hunde Feyssa and Dereje Bekele Jiru

A field survey to estimate the economics and problems in adaptability of Direct Seeded Rice

Muhammad Tahir Latif1*, Falak Sher1, Adnan Bashir1, Muhammad Asghar1, Naeem Faisal1 and Muzzammil Hussain2

Lime and Zn application effects on soil and plant Zn status at different growth stages of rice in tropical acid sulphate paddy soil

Shahram Mahmoud Soltani1*, Mohamed Musa Hanafi2, 3, Samsuri Abd. Wahid3, Syed Muhamad Sharifah Kharidah4

The determining factors of farmers’ water conservation behavior in agricultural sector: A case from farmers of the Southern Basin of Lake Urmia

Bijan Abadi

Could farmers’ awareness of environmental NGOs be associated with water conservation behavior? An application of Contingency Table Analysis 

Bijan Abadi

Micropropagation of Juniper (Juniperus polycarpos): Optimizing Duration and Concentration of Some Substances Chemical Antiseptic on Shoot Tip Explants Surface Sterilization

Hashem Kazemzadeh-Beneh*1 Mohammad Momeni2 and Ebrahim Ganji-Moghadam3

Study chemical and physical characteristic of soil in north of Iran ‎hazelnut orchards ‎

Ali Ajili Lahiji  ‎

In Vitro Growth Behavior of the Red-Fleshed Apple Cell Suspension Affected by Blue Laser- Diode and Red Laser- He Ne radiation

Hashem Kazemzadeh-Beneh1, Nasser Mahna2*, Ebrahim Safari3, Saaeideh Zarbakhsh4

Optimizing Growing Media for Enhancement to Vegetative Growth, Yield and Fruit Quality of Greenhouse Tomato Production in Soilless Culture System 

Moslem Sedaghat1, Hashem Kazemzadeh-Beneh*2,4, Mehdi Azizi3 and Mohammad Momeni2

Influence of seed priming and fertilizers on some morpho-physiological traits of black mustard (brassica nigra)

Hajar valipour*and Yaeghoob Raei

On farm agricultural biodiversity and its contribution to food security of Tharu communities in Chitwan, Nepal

Madhavi Parajuli*1, Krishna Kumar Pant2 and Rabindra Adhikari3

Characterization of single spore isolates of Agaricus bisporus (lange)

 Farzad Rasouli*, Gholamreza Gohari

The effect of using of tannic acid on performance and nutrient digestibility on Holstein dairy calves

Sayeed Nouraldin Tabatabaei* and Mohammad Khalil Esmaeili

Investigating In vitro micro propagation of (Saponaria officiale L) by nodal culture with sucrose supplement

Mahsa Saboohi and Forough Mortazaeinezhad *

The impact of biological and chemical phosphorus fertilizer on some morphological traits and green cover percentage of Moldavian balm

Mehrdad Yarnia and Zahra Sabzi-mehrabad*

Assessing Allelopathic Indexes for Estimating Allelopathic potential in Plant Extracts 

Mostafa Hojatian Far*, Ali Bagherzadeh 

Assessment of Soil Fertility for Sugar Beet Production Using Fuzzy-AHP Approach and GIS in a Semi-Arid Region, Northeast of Iran

Ali Bagherzadeh*, Amin Gholizadeh

Using GIS and satellite data to estimate Potential of Evapotranspiration By PriestlyTaylor method (Case study: Nazloo Chay Basin)

Ebrahim Shahbazi Raz * Hoseyn Rezaie, Behzad Hesari