Investigating the role of technical institute and consultancy in increasing wheat production productivity in Maragheh area

Mehdi Jalalian1 and  Hamed Sadri Kandjani2*


Wheat is the most important crop in the world that plays an important role in rural people’s income of Iran. With increasing world population and limitation in arable lands, increase in productivity is main programs to researchers. Therefore modern science and modified technology are the best approach to cover that issue. Active graduates in consulting institutes could be important for enhancing the productivity.  For these reasons, 115 farmers and 30 consulting members were randomly selected in order to investigate the effectiveness of the cooperation. The findings indicated that the most important concerns to cooperation were insurance and clear contracts. Also from farmers viewpoints, respect to farmer’s experiences; equipment and updated softwares were effective in accepting new graduates cooperation. In conclusion, the cooperation increased wheat productivity in the survey compared to conventional systems.

Keywords: Productivity,technical institute and consultancy, Wheat.