ICTs and online resources used for meeting information needs by agricultural researchers and extension workers in Edo State, Nigeria

Agwu Ekwe Agwu, Irenonsen Oyaimare Uddin*, Cynthia Ebere Nwobodo

DOI: 10.29252/azarinj.004




The study ascertained ICTs and online resources used for meeting information needs by agricultural researchers and extension workers in Edo State, Nigeria. Survey design was used in the study. ICTs /online resources used by respondents to meet their information needs were: computers (95.1%), internet (90.2%), mobile/cell phones (86.3%), dictionaries (79.4%), electronic books (e-books) (78.4%), and electronic journals (e-journals) (77.5%). The majority (82.4%) indicated their purpose of using ICTS/online resources was for research purposes. Researchers acquired their e-resources majorly from the internet (83.9%) and extension workers acquired their e-resources through subscriptions made through the consortium for university and research libraries (87.5%). The study recommends that Edo State ministry of agriculture and agricultural research institutes in the state, should subscribe for online resources for the benefit of respondents who desire to use relevant online resources but are hindered by cost and technical issues.

Keywords: Agricultural communication, agricultural extension, agricultural researchers, e-extension, extension workers, ICTs



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