Morphological and phylogenetic analyses of Uromyces Gagea on Gajea lutea in Iran

Vahid Roumi*, Mohammad Reza Azamparsa


Typical rust symptoms were observed on leaves of Gajea lutea plants collected from wheat fields in Maragheh, Northwest of Iran, in May 2017. Black, circular to elongated or diamond-shaped telial pustules 1-3 mm long were found on both sides of the leaves. Under light microscope, stalked, one- celled teliospores 22.5-37.5×17.5-22.5 μm were observed. The ITS region of DNA was amplified from teliospores and sequenced. Based on classical and molecular analyses, we report Uromyces Gagea from Iran.

Keywords: Gajea lutea, ITS, rust, Teliospore, Recombination