Determinants of job acquisition based on the agricultural college students’ attitude: A case of study from Shiraz University, Iran 

Bijan Abadi1*, Gholam Hossein Zamani2


This contribution investigates factors explaining job acquisition using the agricultural college students’ perceptions. Research sample was composed of 400 college freshman, sophomore, junior and senior students from the population (N≈ 1522), surveyed by random sampling approach, after stratifying by ten academic majors. A self-implemented questionnaire collected the quantitative data. We performed principal component analysis (PCA) using SPSS (version 12), which represented that observed or measuring variables are loaded on four latent variables, individual, educational, financial, and social. Moreover, the derived results from K-mean cluster analysis (KCA) manifested three clusters of cases. Cases fallen into the cluster 1, substantially regard personal factors. Cluster 2 comprise students who remarkably take into account financial factors, whereas, students in cluster 3 believe in social and financial factors. Likewise, all job-acquisition-factor were significantly different based on the levels of gender, economic status and residence. In conclusion, we proposed management implications based on the research findings as well as hints to gaps for more job investigations in future.

Keywords: College students, factor-cluster Analysis, job acquisition