Potential use of protexin probiotic and black pepper powder on Cobb 500 broiler chicks

Yaser Rahimian*1, Mostafa Faghani1, Sayed Masoud Davoodi2, Ali Rafiee1, Abbas Davoodpoor1, Mohammad Hossein Ghorban Nezhad3


To evaluate the effect of protexin, black pepper powder on performance of broiler chicks 160 one day male broiler chicks were divided into 4 groups of 10 birds each and assigned to 4 treatment diets. Chicks were fed by basal diet as control with or without 0.2 % protexin probiotic or black pepper fine powder respectively. Feed intake (FI), body weight (BW) and feed conversion ratio (FCR) was measured in each period of aviculture. At the end of trial 2 birds from each group were slaughtered and carcass characteristics were evaluated.  Blood serum triglyceride, high and low density lipoproteins also were determined. At 42 days old antibody titer against Newcastle Vaccine was estimated. Intestinal microbial populations for Escherichia coli and Lactobacillus were performed. The results showed that body weights and feed conversion ratios were improved significantly (p<0.05). As data reveled in this study, using of protexin and black pepper increased carcass yield compared to the control. Data showed those serum blood biochemical were changed significantly by using protexin and black pepper (p<0.05). Also EColi colonies were decreased and lactobacilli microbial population had significantly (p<0.05) increased in chicks were fed by protexin and black pepper powder. It seems that inclusion of protexin and black pepper powder had good effects on performance, some blood biochemical values, and immunity parameters and microbial population in experimental Cobb 500 broiler chicks.

 Keywords: Black pepper, Blood biochemical, Broiler chicks, Performance,  Protexin