Steady state infiltration rate studies of lower Loko soils, Adamawa state, north east Nigeria

Abdullahi Muhammad Saddiq, Musa Salihu Ardo*, Hassan Musa


The study was conducted at Lower Loko west of song local Government, Adamawa state.  Infiltration, bulk density, and some physicochemical analysis were carried out on the five sites, designated as site 1A and B, site 2A and B, site 3A and B, site 4A and B and site 5A and B, based on the preliminary survey to characterize the steady state infiltration rate. The study confirmed infiltration variability in the area both within the sites and across the sites.  The soils are characterized by low to moderately rapid steady state infiltration rate range from 4.98 cmhr-1 to 11.61 cmhr-1 for all the five sites with the cumulative infiltration range from 1.00 cmhr-1 to 6.58 cmhr-1 on the average for all the five sites in 3hours of infiltration.  Variability was influenced by differences in the texture, bulk density and water holding capacity. Moreover, improved infiltration, reduced erosion menace in low steady state infiltration sites.  Flooding in the lake, use of integrated nutrient management on the fields and construction of drainages in the area is suggested.

 Keywords: Drainages, Erosion, Infiltration, Loko, Steady State, Variability