Inheritance of growth habit, awnnedness and spikelet shattering in interspecific cross of rice (Oryza sativa L. × O. rufipogon Griff)

Deepak Pandey1, Laxmi Prasad Subedi2, Ram Chandra Sharma2


An inheritance study in the inter-specific cross of O. sativa × O. rufipogon was conducted in the greenhouse of the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS), Rampur, Chitwan, including the parents, F1 and subsequent F2 segregants. In the parent as O. sativa a local landrace Pokhreli pahele was used. A dominant gene action was observed for the procumbent growth habit, awnedness, and higher spikelet shattering. Awnedness was found to be governed by three genes with the duplicate gene action (63:1.). Digenic complementary gene action was observed for culm angle (9 procumbent: 7 erect) and digenic polymeric gene action for spikelet shattering (9 highly shattering: 6 intermediate shattering: 1 low shattering).

 Keywords: Awnnedness, Culm Angle, Inheritance, Growth Habit