Diversity of low-molecular-weight-glutenin subunit genes associated with D-genome in Triticum aestivum, Aegilops crassa, A. cylindrica and A. tauschii

Fatemeh Vafadar Shamasbi1*, Mohamadreza Naghavi2, Sayvan Ahmadi3, Ali-Akbar Shahnejat-Bushehri2


The 40% of endosperm protein of common wheat is composed of Low Molecular Weight (LMW) Glutenin Subunits. To examine variation in the D genome of wheat, 98 accessions from different areas of Iran were studied using the five Glu-D3-specific pair primers. The amplification percentages of all primer pair sets were 80.61%, 92.86%, 79.59%, 90.82% and 67.35%, respectively. In comparison of the four species, the most observed bands of the first primer pair were found in Ae. tauschii samples. For the second primer pair, the most frequency of the amplified product was found in the T. aestivum samples. For the third primer pair, the Ae. cylindrical samples had the most amplified band. For the fourth primer pair, the most amplified band was found in the T. aestivum samples. The Ae. cylindrica samples had the most frequency band for the fifth primer pair. Based on dendrogram analysis, the accessions were divided in to 18 categories; and also 42 accessions had a bond for any PCR reaction. It is hoped that the result will be effective in molecular analysis and breeding of native landrace plants.

 Keywords: D-genome, Diversity, LMW Glutenin