Iron exclusion in rice genotypes as affected by different vapor pressure deficit conditions

Ram Kumar Shrestha1 and Mathias Becker2


Root iron (Fe) exclusion capacity of four lowland rice genotypes were evaluated in increasing  rate of Fe2+  stresses (0, 500, 1000 and 1500 mg/L) in growing medium under the conditions of low and high vapor pressure deficit. Rice root excluded significantly higher amount of iron under dry atmospheric condition (655 mg Fe/g root dry matter) than moist atmospheric condition (118 mg Fe/g root dry matter). But their iron exclusion capacity reduced when they were gradually exposed to the higher levels of Fe stress. Tolerant genotype such as TOX3107 excluded more iron when they were exposed to dry atmospheric condition.

Keywords: Genotypes, Hydroponic, Iron toxicity,Oryza sativa, Rootiron exclusion, Vapor pressure deficit